Friday, April 4, 2014

5 on Friday

1. Streaming and online shows: Between Netflix, Roku, DVR and a variety of streaming internet sites, "tv show" marathons are becoming more and more common in our household. Shows I've enjoyed over the past few months include: Orange is the New Black, Justified, Breaking Bad, House of Cards, The Americans, and The Following. I love not having to wait a full week between episodes. Any recommendations for shows to watch when I'm undoubtedly awake feeding baby at 3am?

2. Cloth diapers: Baby isn't even here yet and I'm obsessed. Her newborn stockpile is very for her (hopefully very soon) arrival and I found a great deal on some more from another blogger. To round out the current stash, a friend gave us 10 pocket diapers that she doesn't need! This reduces some stress and will let me really do some research before I add any more styles (and patterns) to the collection.

3. Mac n' Cheese Cook Off: I am so excited to attend the inaugural event here in Charleston. One of my Junior League friends has spearheaded this fundraiser for her place of employment, the Childhood Language Center! So obviously as a very pregnant speech-language pathologist, I plan on attending and eating my weight in mac n' cheese! If you are in the Charleston/ Huntington area, the event is taking place this Saturday, April 5, from 11am-3 pm at Capitol Market.

4. Nautical clothing: for me and baby! I have my eye on an anchor print button up blouse from Old Navy for myself and some Carter's crib shoes for baby!

5. Music to my ears: We have plans to see DMB at Blossom, near Cleveland in June, but I'm also working on a plan to see Jimmy Buffett at the Greenbrier Classic over Fourth of July weekend. Anyone want to babysit?

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  1. A mac and cheese cookoff?? That sounds pretty much glorious!!