Friday, January 24, 2014

Five on Friday!

Five things that are on my mind on this very chilly Friday.

1. I am loving Cascadian Farms Multi-Grain Squares with almond milk and a sliced up banana. I have been eating this as my "first breakfast" of the day with coffee and checking my emails. It is so good.
2. I need to step away from the internet and stop reading birth stories, articles on how to avoid inductions and C-sections, and focus on enjoying the last quarter of my pregnancy. Baby girl needs about ten more weeks to bake, so I need to spend more time reading positive or factual information, like breastfeeding and sleeping tips, and I want to review some of the developmental milestones I filed away in my brain during grad school.
3. I love ELF tinted moisturizer. My skin has been dry thanks to the combination of winter air, dry heat and pregnancy hormones, so I have been moisturizing twice a day, then using this to even out my skin tone as part of my (very quick) makeup routine before work. I have loved my time off, and getting back to my regular schedule has been tough, so this makes my routine faster than using BB cream and mineral makeup.
4. I've been scouring pages of nursery inspiration and finally know what we want to do with our guestroom/nursery. It will be coastal, yet neutral, and we are waiting until the little one arrives to rearrange the bedrooms to make it work. Luckily she won't need her own room right away.
a little beachy nursery inspiration

5. It is the weekend...already. Two polar vortexes have bookended two snowstorms and a water contamination which has resulted in twelve days worth of cancelled school. We have only had one full day of school and three days that started on 2 hour delays since January first. I've missed the kiddos and was glad to get back into a routine, but now it is time for days off...again.

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  1. Cascadian farms makes amazing granola too. I pick up a bunch of it every time I go to the states. Wish we had it here in Canada.